Bitcoin games and no deposit bonuses

Free Spins for account opening

When a player registers online, the casino will usually present it with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 spins for free. This number varies between online homes, and free spins are usually offered in pre-screened video slots.

Casino bitcoin no deposit bonus

Free spins for non-deposit facilitates the life of new players. There is no need for the new user to risk money, and he can still draw on the gains coming from these free spins – this if the requirements for wagering and the specified timeframe are met!

Let’s repeat: more than informative, the terms and conditions of a bonus avoid future frustrations. Even because, normally, gains are limited with this type of free spin.

Some bitcoin casinos offer these free spins by registration and there are no rules for fulfilling this bonus. That is: possibility to earn bitcoin and not risk a penny!

Bitcoin first deposit bonus

Usually, you need to make a first deposit, request the Welcome bonus, and then receive free spins as a bonus bonus. Games like NetEnt’s Starbust are packed with free spins to attract new players.

Welcome Bonus + Free Spins

As part of this offer, the member of the household must make the first deposit and request the bonus on the game account.

For free spins to be used, you must play the games specified in the terms and conditions of the selected bonus.

There are two types of free spins that are offered as part of the Welcome Bonus: either the player will receive 100 free spins in a given game or he will have 20 spins a day for 5 days in any game.

Recharge now!

By being part of an online casino, the player receives bids via e-mail and usually these messages contain prizes for those who make deposits. For example: if you make a transfer of $ 50, the reward can be 20 free spins; of $ 100, 50; $ 200 or more, 100. That is: the amount of free spins earned is directly related to the amount deposited.

These spins are reloaded into the player’s game account one day after a deposit has been made. Again, it is important to be aware of games where free spins are activated. This information can be found under the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Get ready for slot tournaments – in bitcoin casinos!

Online competitions, slot tournaments are an adventure for the participants. Want to know how it works? Check out.

Your position in the tournaments is updated every 15 minutes and will appear in the leader ranking of the page.

The goal is to rank in the highest possible position, as the reward can reach $ 15,000 or more.

Usually, the top 200 split the grand prize.

It is necessary to buy tickets to participate in the tournaments if online slots. However, there are

some that are called free roll, which means they have free entry.

Ah! Most tournaments reward the best players with free spins for use in the next competition.

Nothing better than that! What are you waiting for?

Minimum requirements for betting

The terms and conditions of the free spins inform the player what the necessary requirements and restrictions are.

These requirements are usually represented by an “X”, which means how many times the value of the deposit + the bonus, or just the bonus amount, needs to be wagered.

Fulfilling these requests unlocks the player’s winnings, that is, allows for withdrawal requests.

Okay, understood, but how do you follow these rules and streamline the bonus fulfillment process?

This depends a lot on the games that will be chosen to bet. Slots generally contribute 100% to the bonus’s compliance; board / table games, 10%. It is important to check this information before leaving play play!

Another extremely relevant detail is the time that the bonus will be active in the user’s game account. You can find it on the terms and conditions, obviously, of the offer in question. When the expiration date has expired, your bets will not be counted toward the bonus, and it will be deactivated.

The proceeds from the offer are retained, and you can withdraw them or use them on the house website at any time.

NEVER request withdrawal before finalizing your bonus, as this would entail the total loss of your winnings.

So, it’s worth it?

Free Spins are like a toast received at a wedding party. You are already having fun, and before you can say goodbye, you are greeted with a thoughtful gift.

If you have read the terms and conditions, are aware of the rules and are prepared to live an experience of another level, the benefits are enormous. Want something better than receiving free spins? Venture, throw yourself. The universe of online games awaits you!